CORTEX Conference by Hongkui Zeng

Event date: June 28, 2023

Director of Allen Institute for Brain Science, Seattle, Washington

Wednesday 28th May, 11am, CRNL Amphi

Invited by Dehay-Kennedy Team

Understanding Brain Cell Type Diversity

As part of the BICAN consortium funded by the NIH and led by the Allen Institute for Brain Science , the Dehay-Kennedy team from the SBRI will be hosting Pr Hongkui Zeng. Pr Hongkui Zeng is a highly accomplished researcher affiliated with the Allen Institute, known for her remarkable contributions to the field of neuroscience. With a profound understanding of the intricacies of the brain, Hongkui has dedicated her career to unraveling its mysteries and deciphering the underlying mechanisms of cognition and behavior. Her expertise lies in the field of molecular and cellular neuroscience, where she has made significant breakthroughs in mapping and understanding the diverse cell types and circuits within the brain. Hongkui’s pioneering work in developing cutting-edge techniques and technologies has revolutionized our ability to study the brain at unprecedented levels of detail. Her unwavering commitment to advancing the frontiers of neuroscience research has earned her widespread recognition and respect in the scientific community. As an integral member of the Allen Institute, Hongkui Zeng continues to spearhead transformative initiatives, accelerating our understanding of the brain and paving the way for groundbreaking discoveries that hold immense potential for improving human health and well-being.