HDR Defense by Matteo Di Volo

Event date: March 26, 2024

Tuesday  26th of march, 10:30 at SBRI conference room

“Mean field approaches to model the complexity of brain activity across spatial scales”

Jury members:

BERRY Hugues (INRIA Lyon)

COFRE Rodrigo (CNRS Paris)

DELORD Bruno (Sorbonne University, Paris)

MACALUSO Emiliano (Lyon1 University, Lyon)

OLMI Simona (CNR, Florence)

I will present my recent contributions in the field of biophysical modeling of networks of neurons. In particular, I will focus on mean field techniques for the development of neural mass models, i.e. simplified descriptions of the dynamics of neural populations. By keeping track of the biophysical proprieties of the underlying neural networks, these models have been employed to study the interaction between network’s structure  and its emergent dynamics in different animals’ species and brain regions. Two applications of these models will be mainly discussed: propagating waves in the primary  visual cortex of non-human primates and theta-gamma oscillations in the Hippocampus of the mouse. I will present how these biophysical models were able to predict the spatio-temporal patterns of activity recorded experimentally, that we found to be related to animal’s behaviour. I will then report the results of numerical simulation of the model,  interestingly showing how these emergent spatio-temporal patterns of activity are crucially shaped by neural inhibition. Recent developments and future projects will be discussed as well.