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Julien Vezoli


Research interests

My research interests lie in the leading field of brain structure-function relationships and alterations in neuropathological conditions; the main aim is to relate neuroanatomical connectivity features to neurophysiological interactions and to identify modifications of these relationships in the NHP-model. My studies in neuroanatomy are concerned with understanding inter-areal connectivity and brain networks’ basic characteristics. I use the chronic-ECoG technique and deep multi-laminar recordings to seek for neurophysiological correlates of hierarchical processing and cognitive integration during instrumental conditioning. Google Scholar; Neurotree; Web of Science; CV


Building the cerebral cortex: Connectomics


2023Mohsen Parto-Dezfouli, Julien Vezoli, Conrado Arturo Bosman, Pascal FriesEnhanced behavioral performance through interareal gamma and beta synchronizationCell Rep
2023Eleni Psarou, Julien Vezoli, Marieke L Schölvinck, Pierre-Antoine Ferracci, Yufeng Zhang, Iris Grothe, Rasmus Roese, Pascal FriesModular, cement-free, customized headpost and connector-chamber implants for macaquesJ Neurosci Methods
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2021Julien Vezoli, Martin Vinck, Conrado Arturo Bosman, André Moraes Bastos, Christopher Murphy Lewis, Henry Kennedy, Pascal FriesBrain rhythms define distinct interaction networks with differential dependence on anatomyNeuron
2021Julien Vezoli, Loïc Magrou, Rainer Goebel, Xiao-Jing Wang, Kenneth Knoblauch, Martin Vinck, Henry KennedyCortical hierarchy, dual counterstream architecture and the importance of top-down generative networksNeuroimage
2016Michalareas G, Vezoli J, van Pelt S, Schoffelen JM, Kennedy H, Fries PAlpha-Beta and Gamma Rhythms Subserve Feedback and Feedforward Influences among Human Visual Cortical AreasNeuron
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