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Antonin Jandot

PhD student

Research interests

To maintain a synchrony between endogenous rhythms and environmental changes, the organism uses different cues from the environment, such as light received by the retina. My work on this subject is centered on the involvement of rods in the photoreception and how it affects circadian rhythms in the retina, using an array of behavioral, cellular and molecular techniques. This work will allow in the long run to better understand the development of diseases linked to retinal damages or circadian dysregulation.

Chronobiology and affective disorders
2023 Chaimaa Kinane , Hugo Calligaro, Antonin Jandot, Christine Coutanson, Nasser Haddjeri, Mohamed Bennis, Ouria Dkhissi-BenyahyaDopamine modulates the retinal clock through melanopsin-dependent regulation of cholinergic waves during developmentBMC Biol