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Henry Kennedy


Research interests

SBRI investigates the development, function and repair of neuronal circuits involved in cognition, motor control and biological rhythms and researches the structural foundations of computation in the cortex. We seek to develop embryonic stem cell based therapies so as to reverse the effects of brain lesions leading to the motor and cognitive deficits found in neurological disease including Parkinson's.

Building the cerebral cortex: Connectomics

LabEx Cortex

2022Rinaldo D D'Souza, Quanxin Wang, Weiqing Ji, Andrew M Meier, Henry Kennedy, Kenneth Knoblauch, Andreas BurkhalterHierarchical and nonhierarchical features of the mouse visual cortical networkNat Commun
2022Takuya Hayashi, Henry Kennedy, David C Van EssenA spatially embedded cortical connectome reveals complex transformationsNeuron
2022Wianny F, Dzahini K, Fifel K, Wilson CRE, Bernat A, Dolmazon V, Misery P, Lamy C, Giroud P, Cooper HM, Knoblauch K, Procyk E, Kennedy H, Savatier P, Dehay C, Vezoli JInduced Cognitive Impairments Reversed by Grafts of Neural Precursors: A Longitudinal Study in a Macaque Model of Parkinson's DiseaseAdv Sci (Weinh)
2021Clement Abbatecola, Peggy Gerardin, Kim Beneyton, Henry Kennedy, Kenneth KnoblauchThe Role of Unimodal Feedback Pathways in Gender Perception During Activation of Voice and Face AreasFront Syst Neurosci
2021Julien Vezoli, Martin Vinck, Conrado Arturo Bosman, André Moraes Bastos, Christopher Murphy Lewis, Henry Kennedy, Pascal FriesBrain rhythms define distinct interaction networks with differential dependence on anatomyNeuron
2021Sean Froudist-Walsh, Daniel P Bliss, Xingyu Ding, Lucija Rapan , Meiqi Niu, Kenneth Knoblauch, Karl Zilles, Henry Kennedy*, Nicola Palomero-Gallagher*, Xiao-Jing Wang*, *co-senior authorA dopamine gradient controls access to distributed working memory in the large-scale monkey cortexNeuron
2021Gustavo Deco, Yonathan Sanz Perl , Peter Vuust, Enzo Tagliazucchi, Henry Kennedy, Morten L KringelbachRare long-range cortical connections enhance human information processingCurr Biol
2021Takuya Hayashi, Yujie Hou, Matthew F Glasser, Joonas A Autio, Kenneth Knoblauch, Miho Inoue-Murayama, Tim Coalson, Essa Yacoub, Stephen Smith, Henry Kennedy*, David C Van Essen*, *equal contributionThe nonhuman primate neuroimaging and neuroanatomy projectNeuroimage
2021Julien Vezoli, Loïc Magrou, Rainer Goebel, Xiao-Jing Wang, Kenneth Knoblauch, Martin Vinck, Henry KennedyCortical hierarchy, dual counterstream architecture and the importance of top-down generative networksNeuroimage
2020Magrou L, Barone P, Markov NT, Scheeren G, Killackey HP, Giroud P, Berland M, Knoblauch K, Dehay C*, Kennedy H*, *co-senior authorsUnique Features of Subcortical Circuits in a Macaque Model of Congenital BlindnessCereb Cortex