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Angèle Bellemin-Menard


Building the cerebral cortex: Cell and molecular mechanisms
2021Irène Aksoy, Cloé Rognard, Anaïs Moulin, Guillaume Marcy, Etienne Masfaraud, Florence Wianny, Véronique Cortay, Angèle Bellemin-Ménard, Nathalie Doerflinger, Manon Dirheimer, Chloé Mayère , Pierre-Yves Bourillot, Cian Lynch, Olivier Raineteau, Thierry Joly, Colette Dehay, Manuel Serrano, Marielle Afanassieff, Pierre SavatierApoptosis, G1 Phase Stall, and Premature Differentiation Account for Low Chimeric Competence of Human and Rhesus Monkey Naive Pluripotent Stem CellsStem Cell Reports
2013Betizeau M, Cortay V, Patti D, Pfister S, Gautier E, Bellemin-Ménard A, Afanassieff M, Huissoud C, Douglas RJ, Kennedy H, Dehay CPrecursor diversity and complexity of lineage relationships in the outer subventricular zone of the primateNeuron