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2024Ferenc Molnár, Szabolcs Horvát, Ana R. Ribeiro Gomes, Mária Ercsey-Ravasz, Kenneth Knoblauch, Henry Kennedy, Zoltan ToroczkaiPredictability of cortico-cortical connections in the mammalian brainNetwork Neuroscience
2024Colette Dehay, Wieland B HuttnerDevelopment and evolution of the primate neocortex from a progenitor cell perspectiveDevelopment
2024Chawla S, Oster H, Duffield GE, Maronde E, Guido ME, Chabot C, Dkhissi-Benyahya O, Provencio I, Goel N, Youngstedt SD, Zi-Ching Mak N, Caba M, Nikhat A, Chakrabarti S, Wang L, Davis SJReflections on Several Landmark Advances in Circadian BiologyJ Circadian Rhythms
2024Chawla S, O’Neill J, Knight MI, He Y, Wang L, Maronde DE, Rodriguez SG, Van Ooijen G, Garbarino-Pico E, Wolf E, Dkhissi-Benyahya O, Zi-Ching Mak N, Provencio I, Oster H, Goel N, Caba M, Oosthuizen M, Duffield GE, Chabot C, , Davis SJTimely Questions Emerging in Chronobiology: The Circadian Clock Keeps on Ticking J Circadian Rhythms
2024Ryan P Silk, Hanagh R Winter, Ouria Dkhissi-Benyahya, Carmella Evans-Molina, Alan W Stitt, Vijay K Tiwari, David A Simpson, Eleni BeliMapping the daily rhythmic transcriptome in the diabetic retinaVision Res
2023Caroline I Jahn, Jan Grohn, Steven Cuell, Andrew Emberton, Sebastien Bouret, Mark E Walton, Nils Kolling, Jérôme SalletNeural responses in macaque prefrontal cortex are linked to strategic explorationPLoS Biol
2023Katharina Wegner, Charles R.E. Wilson, Emmanuel Procyk, Karl J. Friston, Frederik Van de Steen, Dimitris A. Pinotsis, Daniele MarinazzoFrontal effective connectivity increases with task demands and time on task: a Dynamic Causal Model of electrocorticogram in macaque monkeysNeurons, Behavior, Data Analysis and Theory
2023Balci F, Ben Hamed S, Boraud T, Bouret S, Brochier T, Brun C, Cohen JY, Coutureau E, Deffains M, Doyère V, Gregoriou GG, Heimel JA, Kilavik BE, Lee D, Leuthardt EC, Mainen ZF, Mathis M, Monosov IE, Naudé J, Orsborn AL, Padoa-Schioppa C, Procyk E, Sabatini B, Sallet J, Sandi C, Schall JD, Soltani A, Svoboda K, Wilson CRE, Zimmermann J. AA response to claims of emergent intelligence and sentience in a dishNeuron
2023Elan Katra, B. R. Wooten, Kenneth Knoblauch Perceived Lightness/Darkness and Warmth/Coolness in Chromatic Experience PsyArXiv Preprints
2023 Frédéric Devinck, Kenneth KnoblauchColor appearance of spatial patterns compared by direct estimation and conjoint measurementJ Opt Soc Am A Opt Image Sci Vis