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Perrard Marie-Hélène

Marie-Hélène Perrard / CRHC - CNRS

Research interests 

She has been working on testicular physiology from the early eighties.

Since1995, she has been involved in the development of original male germ cell culture systems (BioAlteR®) in order to study ex vivo local regulation of spermatogenesis, in Philippe Durand's team (INSERM U418, IGFL at ENS Lyon).She is a specialist in the study of the regulations of spermatogenesis, in these cultures and of cytological study of these cells Since 2007, BioAlteR® is used for testicular toxicology.

She is co-founder of the company Kallistem, created in 2012, ( from BioAlteR®. Kallistem offers services in predictive toxicology in the male reproductive field and meets the needs of the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

She joined INSERM U1208 in 2013.

She has developed a new culture system ARTISTEM® which allows the whole ex vivo  spermatogenesis in human, monkey, rat (world premiere) and mouse, in collaboration with Kallistem and the Institute of Polymer Materials. The aim of ARTISTEM® is to preserve and restore male fertility.

ARTISTEM® should also be of interest for the research of Pierre Savatier's team: indeed, it takes 4 years for transgenic newborn monkeys to reach adulthood and the ability to reproduce. The possibility of maturing spermatogonia of very young males ex vivo will make it possible to transmit the transgene to the offspring much more quickly (drastic decrease of generation intervals).

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