PrimaStem provides expertise in the field of pluripotent stem cells in human and non-human primates and rabbits, including training in ES and iPS cell culture and genomic editing, and the provision of embryos and cell lines.

Expertise includes:

- Culture, derivation and genome editing of pluripotent embryonic stem cells in primates (human, chimpanzee, macaque, marmoset) and lagomorphs;

- Generation of iPS cell lines in primates and lagomorphs;

- Genomic editing (lentiviral vectors, CRISPR, PiggyBac);

- Embryo production by in vitro fertilization in the macaque monkey;

- Cryopreservation of embryos and gametes

- Micromanipulation of embryos (injection of viruses and cells; cell dissociation for unicellular RNAseq)

- Access to human supernumerary embryos.

Pierre Savatier