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Welcome to SBRI​

The Stem cell and Brain Research Institute (SBRI) was created in 2007 by Henry Kennedy and in 2011, renewed under the directorship of Colette Dehay, with Henry Kennedy as deputy director. SBRI is affiliated to INSERM and University de Lyon with strong links to INRA and CNRS.

SBRI research is multidisciplinary with interests ranging from stem cells biology, developmental neurobiologyintegrative and cognitive neuroscience and chronobiology disorders.

One common asset is the investigation of human and non-human primate specific features addressed at multiple levels of exploration ranging from the earliest embryonic developmental stages to the structure and function observed in the adult cortex.

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Meet the SBRI
research teams

The 103 research staff at SBRI are organized in 6 teams and 1 clinical/translational research platform (StemGamE). The main research axes are stem cell biology, and integrative and cognitive neuroscience.

There are strong continuities between teams, which not only share technical approaches, but also common scientific objectives. SBRI brings together cutting-edge experimental techniques and advanced technology to seek out an in-depth understanding of primate specific features at the molecular, cell and system level.

Physiology and biotechnology of Embryonic stem cells
Pluripotent stem cells in mammals
Building the cerebral cortex: Cell and molecular mechanisms
Building the cerebral cortex: Connectomics
Cellular reprogramming in the brain
Cellular programming in the brain
Neurobiology of executive functions
Chronobiology and affective disorders
Ecological Cognition and Computation / Emergent Team
Coup de projecteur sur les organoïdes cérébraux : pourquoi et comment ? : Workshop du CRNL
December 11, 2023 - 9:00 am
Lab Meeting by Pierre Savatier & Jean François Guerin
December 15, 2023 - 1:00 pm
Lab Meeting by Céline Amiez
November 30, 2023 - 1:00 pm

Scientific excellency

The quality of SBRI activities has been acknowledged by excellent levels of international (UE, HFSP) funding as well as by PALSE/IdeX start-up grants.

The recently awarded funds from “Investissements d’Avenir” INGESTEM program have significantly contributed to the improvement and development of SBRI infrastructure. SBRI teams are members of the “Laboratoire d’excellence (Labex)”entitled “CORTEX” -established by Henry Kennedy in 2011 and presently headed by Jean-Louis Bessereau- and of the “LabEX DEVweCAN” -headed by P. Mehlen- which bring together teams in developmental biology and cancer research.